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Gift Planning

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THE 49er Donor Designated Fund

A new way to give


  • Optimized income tax benefits by giving to your fund every few years
  • Simplify your giving to campus
  • Support multiple programs or departments at any time
  • You can designate a department or program to receive any residual in your fund at the end of its term
  • Further the work of students and faculty at CSULB

How To Get Started

  1. Make a tax-deductible gift (minimum $50,000) to the 49er Donor Designated Fund using cash, stock, or your IRA required minimum distribution (RMD) and sign a 49er Donor Designated Fund Agreement. You can add additional funds at any time.
  2. Make minimum designations of $5,000 to your favorite campus programs, departments or scholarships using the quick and easy on-line form.    
  3. The funds will be transferred from your 49er Donor Designated Fund to your designation each time you notify us.
Guidelines for Donor Designated Fund